Sports Law

The Department of Sports Law, Personality Rights and Sports Agent was set up to provide a targeted response to people with an artistic or sport activity. Requiring great responsiveness, infringements of personality law give rise to specific actions to enforce the inherent rights of the person.

- Sports law: Advisory activities (to athletes, sports entities, organization of legal relations between the sports company and the sports association).

- The "French" avocat mandataire sportif: In France, the lawyer is authorized to act as an agent in all transactions whose purpose is the exercise of a sport activity. He makes his expertise in legal matters available to the athlete to assist him in the management and exploitation of the collective image of his team or of his individual image, in particular in advertising or sponsorship contracts.

The lawyer can also act on behalf of a foreign agent (presentation agreement).

- Personality Rights: Drafting and negotiation of contracts in different languages such as contracts for the exploitation of personality rights (voice, image, name, etc.); agency contract (artistic agency, modeling and sports agency) representation within the framework of proceedings aimed at putting an end to all types of attacks (private life, image rights), in particular through emergency procedures in summary proceedings, on all media (internet: social networks and blog; written press, audiovisual ...).

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