Property Rights and Personal Rights

We can intervene in various procedures concerning the Family Affairs, for example in the following areas: 

- the attribution of parental authority, 

- the child's residence, 

- the right of access and accommodation, 

- the contribution to the education and maintenance of the child, 

- family violence and emergency measures, 

- the grandparents' rights... 

Your Lawyer can also assist you in the context of proceedings before the Court of First Instance, and relating to simple adoption, full adoption, consignments in possession or even for any advice relating to a change in matrimonial property regime. The lawyer can also assist you in the context of procedures relating to the state of persons, and in particular changes to civil status (procedure for changing first name or change of name). 

As part of a separation, the Firm can advise you on each of the procedures, taking care to develop a thoughtful approach so as to be able to favor the most suitable and least conflictual solution possible.